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Pimax 8K / 5k Review: The Next Big Thing In VR Is Here !

This is the official MRTV Review of the Pimax 8k and the Pimax 5k Plus! The Next Big Thing In VR Is Here - The second generation of VR headsets has arrived! My Pimax Rig: GTX 1080ti (but will likely be replaced by 2080ti at one point, made sure to make this 2080ti ready)...

Pimax 5K review - tethered VR headset with 200° FOV

The Pimax 5K is a PC VR headset with 200° FOV and can support eye-tracking & hand motion support. Read our Pimax 5K review for full specs and price.

Сообщество Steam :: Видео :: Pimax 8K & 5K Full Review

Сообщество Steam: . My full Pimax 8K review and Pimax 5K review is finally here, and this will definitely be the most in-depth testing analysis found online.

Pimax 5K Plus Breeds Confusion as Previewers Recommend it Over...

I actually think this 5k is a bit of a gamechanger for Pimax as it suddenly makes their headsets way more competitive. A lot of us called out the 8K as bs and this just proved it. And for everyone saying, the 8k isnt bad and the 5k was just a nice surprise, is being ignorant to the fact that we all said 8K...

Valve Index vs. Pimax5K : Which one to pick? (through lens pictures)

The Pimax5K is very similar - but objects seemed a bit more corny. It was easier to spot (AI) targets at range, in the air and radically easier of the ground, when I read on some places the the 5K is better, others 8k is better, lots of through the lens comparisons videos, lots of software tweaks are needed for...

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