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Stronghold Crusader AI #486. Zelenium opened this issue Jan 8, 2020 · 40 comments.

AI or Artificially Intelligent? : civ

AI or Artificially Intelligent? Which do people think is better? I've been using AI and found it miles better than the vanilla AI, but Artificially Intelligent has been getting some good reviews. I don't get a lot of leisure time to try them both out and compare but any thoughts you guys have would be greatly...

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AI uses existing conditions, no improvement here. AI uses Traits as a way to give various civs more unique behavior. RST tunes each civ and leader separately to its preferred victories.

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Downloads. Added. AI . 115. 23 Feb 2017.

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Ai . 1 108 tykkäystä. tâm tư tình cảm về tình yêu dành cho một người.... nói chung là yêu xa.

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