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Alienware m15 R4 (i9-10980HK RTX 3080).


, where t and r are as in Theorem 1.1, e is an integer with 0 ≤ e ≤ e(K/K , Q) and e(K/K , Q) is the invariant dened in (4.4). In particular, we conclude that h(T K,Q) is equal to hK /hK only up to 2-power.

A Hundred-Year Researching History on the Low Ionic Strength in Red...

Cation Loss and Haemolysis of RBCs of the High Potassium Type (HK -Type) and Low Potassium Type (LK -Type) Suspended in Isotonic Non-Electrolyte Media. Our Investigation on Cation Permeability in RBCs at Low Ionic Strength from 1999 to 2003.

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