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Factors related to lateral margin positivity for cancer in ...

The reason for LM and pathological characteristics of the lesions were studied and compared to lesions successfully resected with margins negative for cancer. Results: There were three types of lesion that resulted in LM resection: lesions with a flat spreading area, lesions with an unexpected nearby lesion, and lesions with lateral extension ...

Laser label marker LM | marking lasers | cab

Never has laser marking been so easy! XENO 1 is a compact desktop system, offering little footprint and a large work area. Laser marking "out of the box". 4.1. 4.2. Laser label marker. LM 160.1. LM 254.1. Work area W x H x D mm.

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Learn the basics of the ZSH shell - Linux Tutorials ...

$ ls -lahS **/*(.Lm 250) The example above only shows files files larger than 250MB in size order. So, L restricts by size. It's paired with k, m, and g to specify size units. Then, there is a positive or negative number to set a cutoff point and determine whether the results will be above or below that point. Check out a few more.

cab LM Laser Label Marker - YouTube

The laser label marker allows to precisely mark and cut labels in different sizes out of continuous material without the need of additional tools.After the m...

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