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Differential expression of Lutheran/BCAM regulates biliary tissue...

Lu and Lu- biliary cells isolated from injured liver exhibit opposite phenotypes in cell motility and duct formation capacities in vitro. By overexpression of Lu, Lu- biliary cells acquire the phenotype of Lu ...

DS1086LU-533 T и DS1086LU , DS1086LU T - Аналоги... - FindIC.ru

The DS1086LU is a 3.3V spread spectrum EconOscillator in 8 pin µSOP package. This programmable clock generator produces spread spectrum (dithered) square wave output of frequencies from 130KHz...

(PDF) Clock-related properties of Lu

In this work, we study Lu properties relevant to a development of the clock using the relativistic high-precision method combining configuration interaction and the linearized coupled-cluster approaches.

寫字樓租務 | Lu Plaza | 九龍觀塘海景商廈 | The LU

The LU Business Center at the LU Plaza 3/F is now opened. Come and visit us! The LU . 商務中心.

Приложения в Google Play - 魯桃 lu tooˇ

魯桃 lu tooˇ. chih chen yuКниги и справочники. Для всех.

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