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O2, O-2, o2, O2, O2 or O2− may refer to: O2, the common allotrope of the chemical element oxygen. O2−, the ion oxide. O−2, the ion superoxide. O2, an EEG electrode site according to the 10-20 system.


The dioxygenyl ion, O⁺ ₂, is a rarely-encountered oxycation in which both oxygen atoms have a formal oxidation state of 1/2. It is formally derived from oxygen by the removal of an electron: The energy change for this process is called the ionization energy of the oxygen molecule. Relative to most molecules, this ionization energy is very high at 1175 kJ/mol. As a result, the scope of the chemistry of O⁺ ₂ is quite limited, acting mainly as a 1-electron oxidiser. More at Wikipedia

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