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U5 .

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PDF Characteristics and use of urania-gadolinia fuels

Their results showed that the smaller the U5 /U ratio, the closer to 2.000 the O/U ratio will be. Thus, in order to obtain the optimum properties of Gd fuel, it is essential to minimize the amount of U5 and U6 ions. Although the O/U ratio can be adjusted by sintering in a controlled CO2 atmosphere, this has the...

XPS spectra of the U5 compounds KUO3, NaUO3 and...

The analysis of the U4f photoelectron peak positions, peak widths at half maximum and satellite positions of U4f peaks, shows that the uranium in these compounds is present in a single valence state, namely U5 U5 . Since the surface of these compounds is extremely susceptible to oxidation...

Optical study of U5 in zircon | Semantic Scholar

@article{Vance1974OpticalSO, title={Optical study of U5 in zircon}, author={E. Vance and D. Mackey}, journal={Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics}, year={1974}, volume={7}, pages={1898-1908} }.

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