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s±j (t) = min{Fj ,wj (ρ j − ρ±j (t))}. (28).

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(2014), we will assume that cj in (6) is set to 1 for j = 1, . . . , n. Therefore, the budget B will represent the maximum number of features that can be selected. An equivalent for-. mulation for this model is obtained by decomposing the unrestricted variables wj as two dierent non-negative variables, wj and...

TPR: Text-aware Preference Ranking for recommender systems

w ∈Wj Θw . For each user u, the recommenda

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zero. For simplicity and without loss of generality, assume that the rst M elements of v¯ belong to S0 = {vj : vj = 0, 1 ≤ j≤ J}, while the rest J − M elements belong to S=0 = {vj : vj = 0, 1≤j≤J}. From Eq. (2.6), we have ∂f /∂wj = 0 for vj ∈ S=0. Then, the Hessian matrix of g(v¯), evaluated at v¯ , is given...

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где W j.,, W j, Wj , -прогибы опорной конструкции.

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