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Kombinatorika a grafy. 6. Zk . Matematická analýza I. 8. Zk .

ZK DM0015 PC Mouse R-Easy Microswitch 3D Model by zkplus on...

ZK DM0015 PC Mouse R-Easy Microswitch 3D Model.

PDF Introduction | On an entropy of Zk -actions

Abstract: In this paper, a denition of entropy for Zk (k ≥ 2)-actions due to S. Friedland [4] is studied. Moreover, an upper bound of this entropy for the Zk -actions on tori generated by expanding endomorphisms is obtained via the preimage entropies, which are entropy-like invariants depending...

Geuther - 2725ZK NA natur, Zusatzklemme für Tür- und...

Модель 2725ZK NA. Номер детали изделия 2725ZK NA. Цвет Natur plus.

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